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Ports & Logistics

One of the the Group’s strong points is its terminal network, which comprises several port terminals and is currently expanding further. The Grimaldi Group operates its own regional hub terminals in the main European ports called such as Antwerp (Belgium), Civitavecchia (Italy), Salerno (Italy), Valencia and Barcelona (Spain). The entire port of Wallhamn has been purchased and is the first wholly privatised Swedish port, while the Unikai Lagerei und Speditionsgesellschaft terminal in Hamburg (Germany) is owned in partnership with Hamburg Harbour and Logistic AG (HHLA), a governmental-owned company. Other terminals are located in North Europe, in the Southern Mediterranean and West Africa.

As for the Baltic Region, Finnlines’ subsidiary Finnsteve does operate terminals in the Finnish ports of Helsinki and Turku. In the port of Lagos (Nigeria) the Group has built a ro/ro multipurpose terminal managed by the controlled company PTML. Most of these terminals are veritable logistics platforms, fitted with Pre-Delivery Inspec-tion (PDI) facilities and workshops. Some of them offer state-of-the-art multimodal facil-ities and are directly connected to the European road, rail and inland waterways network.

With the vehicles’ Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and Fleet personalisation undertaken at the Group’s terminals, the final leg of logistics consists mainly of the delivery of cars or containers to the dealers’ or importers’ depots. At the customer’s request, the Group takes responsibility for the first leg of transport as well, from the factory to the port ter-minal where the vehicles or containers are embarked on the Group’s vessels. Door-to-door logistics services for both containers and cars are supplied in a number of Europe-an countries as well as in North America. As far as Europe is concerned, Grimaldi has created its own road transport logistics companies in Italy, Ireland and Scandinavia in order to satisfy the specific demands of customers in the absence of valid alternatives in terms of quality and efficiency. Some of these companies have been established in partnership with specialised road transport operators.